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Eero Style Ball Chair (Multiple Colors) | Designer Reproduction

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The iconic Aarnio Ball Chair is the cornerstone of any mid-century or retro-modern lounge area or living room. Building on the revolutionary concept popularized in the 1960's by Eero A and his original Ball Chair, we have essentially redesigned this piece to accommodate the needs of a new generation, while staying true to authentic materials and craftsmanship.

The Ball Chair was designed by using one of the most simple geometric forms: the ball. By lopping off one end and fixing it at one point Eero A comes to a remarkable result - a supremely unconventional chair. It creates a cool, relaxing atmosphere by blocking out the noise of the outside world, and creating your own world. Its great for having your own private space within a larger space. Spinning on it's own axis the view to the outer world is variable for the user and offers a degree of privacy. The ball chair is something between a piece of furniture and a piece of architecture and at the same time embodies both the mobile and the established. Our reproduction of the Eero A Ball chair remains as cutting edge in its design, despite being created over 40 year's ago.

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Brand Classics
UPC Available Upon Request
Color Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Clear/White, Red, Orange/Green, Black/Black (SPECIAL ORDER 8-12 weeks), Yellow
Material Fiberglass Shell / Poly/Cotton Interior
Dimensions 42"(W) x 49"(H) x 37"(D)
Weight 105lbs
Shipping Method Freight
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